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Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush (3 Piece Set) is Taking Over The Beauty Industry

The Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush – Trio set is one of the most talked about product in the beauty industry these days. Whether that’s Selena’s magic or the products good quality ‘Rare Beauty’ is coming out strong in the beauty industry and is here to stay. Dear Celebrity Brand (competitors) , take note!

Selena Gomez and Her Magic

Selena Gomez has a big fan following and is undoubtedly one of the most popular celebrities. Whether it was her music album, her personal life, or her brand, her followers have always backed their favorite stars. Her fandom “SELENATORS‘ were the most happiest when their favorite star ventured into the beauty industry. And it seems like her magic spell has spread out to her brand since she’s launched it.

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Selena Gomez and Rare Beauty

2020 saw the birth of Selena Gomez’s cosmetics line, which she created to empower people to embrace their individual uniqueness. And whether that’s the power of SELENATORS and their love for her, her magical presence, the idea behind the brand or the amazing cosmetic line , Rare Beauty has been doing pretty well in terms of sales, popularity, and praise from several international beauty influencers that too in a period of two years

Rare Beauty Impact Fund

One of the most heart warming thing about rare beauty is their Impact Fund Program. What the impact fund is about , is that Rare Beauty provides 1% of all purchases to the Rare Impact Fund and raises extra funding with philanthropic foundations, business and corporate partners in order to enhance access to mental health treatments in educational settings. This is a huge step in fighting mental health problems and making the therapies accessible to all.

Rare Beauty and their stand against Racism

One of the most cherished thing about the brand is how their cosmetic line caters to people of all skin types and shades. Unlike other celebrity brands that are only centered around Caucasians. They have a huge shade range. In fact they have a separate category for shade finder on their website. From light and medium tan to Deep. This clearly shows how much Selena believes in the idea behind the brand.

Rare Beauty Cosmetic Line

They have a huge cosmetic line from foundation ,blushes, and highlighters to beauty tools, mascaras, eye liners and lipsticks. There Holiday sets specially the rare beauty blush trio are hot favorite too. Not just that but you’ll also find scented candles, makeup pouches, compact mirrors, hair clips duo and what not. The brand is advancing like no other and we couldn’t be more proud.

The Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush Set – Their Best Seller

Whether that’s Instagram , Youtube or Tiktok you’ll find this one product from rare beauty everywhere. This is one of their most hyped product. The rare beauty by selena gomez soft pinch liquid blush set basically has 3 liquid blushes that are vegan, paraben free and perfect for those with sensitive skin. These blushes are light weight, soft on the skin, pigmented (buildable) and gives a very dewy finish. It makes the skin look super natural and fresh. In fact in most of her makeup videos Selena has spoken about her love for these liquid blushes. Here’s what she said about these blushes

“There’s nothing like a soft hint of blush to add color to your look. I especially love the maroon shade, Truth, which you can only get in this set. It’s my new current favorite!”

Selena Gomez

Here’s what the rare beauty soft pinch liquid blush gift set includes

  • Soft Pinch Liquid Blush in ENCOURAGE (full size) – 0.25 fl. oz. | 7.5mL
  • Mini Soft Pinch Liquid Blush in HAPPY – 0.11 fl. oz. | 3.2mL
  • Mini Soft Pinch Liquid Blush in TRUTH – 0.11 fl. oz. | 3.2mL

This gift set has one full size and two mini liquid blushes in the shades :

Liquid Blush Shades

  • Truth
  • Encourage
  • Happy

Here’s what Jess from the youtube channel nicekindays had to say about these shades

rare beauty soft pinch liquid blush in the shade truth
rare beauty blush trio
rare beauty cream blush
rare beauty liquid blush review
rare beauty liquid cream blush in the shade happy
selena gomez cosmetic line rare beauty

Happy is perfect for spring and summers whereas Encourage and Truth, I would probably gravitate towards in the fall and winter.

Jess from nicekindays

Here’s what Sally from Sally Chol , MD had to say about this product

 “ Personally , I recommend this set to everyone especially if you don’t have any of these blushes already. For me , I have been meaning to buy these blushes forever and when the set came out I was like that’s how I wanna buy it.”

Sally from Sally Chol , MD

She further added,

“This is definitely a non regret purchase- which is how i grade my purchases”

Sally from Sally Chol , MD

Quick Tip From Sally – You can also use these as lip stains

How to apply these blushes ?

These blushes come with an applicator which makes it easier to apply . Just put two dots on where you want to apply your blush for example the apple of your cheeks and then gently blend it with a blending brush or a beauty blender .Because the product is easily buildable and can be layered don’t put too much on the skin because it’s really pigmented. So go slow on the application and slowly build the blush. You can also get their signature blush brush called the Soft Pinch Blush Brush from their website for a much smoother look. The blush brush is angled in a way that makes buffing and blending the blush easier, so it is definitely a great purchase. But for the people on a budget, don’t worry what are fingers for. Here’s what Selena said about the blush brush.

“This soft, feathery brush makes applying our blush and bronzer formulas completely foolproof.”

Selena Gomez
rare beauty liquid soft pinch blush
soft pinch blush brush review by rare beauty
selena gomez's rare beauty soft pinch liquid blush (3 piece set)
Soft Pinch Blush Brush

Rare Beauty Blush Shade Range

Apart from the liquid blush holiday set you can also get these blushes in full size for about 20 dollars and the come in a variety of different shades to suit your style. Their blush shade range is as follow ;

  • Bliss – nude pink (matte)
  • Love – terracotta (matte)
  • Grace – bright rose mauve (matte)
  • Faith – deep berry (matte)
  • Joy – muted peach (dewy)
  • Happy – cool pink (dewy)
  • Lucky – hot pink (dewy)
  • Grateful – true red (dewy)
  • Hope – nude mauve (dewy)
  • Encourage – soft neutral pink (dewy)
  • Believe – true mauve (dewy)

Where to buy Rare  Beauty Products?

You can get the Rare Beauty Products from the following places ;

Rare Beauty

Check Out Some of Selena Gomez’s looks with her Products

Selena has done a lot of makeup tutorials on her Youtube channel with her products. So if you are a makeup lover or would like to create some of her makeup looks make sure to check them out. I am sure selenators would have already watched them by now.


In this blog we tried to share our take on Selena’s holiday blush gift set but honestly guys her products , her whole cosmetic line is so commendable that words fail to express it. The quality of the products and the idea behind the brand is worth appreciating .Don’t forget to share your review with us and let us know what you people thing about her cosmetic line specially the rare beauty soft pinch dewy liquid blush. Selena is surely setting a benchmark with her products. Her products exudes positivity and self love. For me , Rare Beauty is definitely a winner!

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