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How To Take Care Of Your Skin as a Teenager in 2023

The cry of all teenagers. One of the things that teenagers struggle the most with during their growing years is their skin. With all the hormonal changes , this is the time where you first witness the bad skin days in fact the worst skin days making teenage the most ugliest phase of one’s life with the constant bullying that goes around during this period. Here are some of my tips on how to take care of your skin as a teenager in 2023.

Stop Stressing Out and Just Breath

Before I start with my daily dose of skincare , my first advice to all the teenagers reading this is to breathe and relax. Your teenage years are one of the most precious and memorable years of your life. It is easy to get lost and lose track. You will have setbacks, you will lose relationships, you will feel a lot of pressure and feel suffocated but in the end everything will come back to normal like it eventually does. The law of nature, friends ! So whether that’s your skin , your hair , your nails or your body type that you are conscious about or maybe the people around you make you conscious of, just know that you’re not alone and it will all come to place.

Let Your Confidence shine , pretty girl !


Less is more 

I always say this one golden rule , less is more. skincare is not about putting on a lot of things on your face rather one thing a lot of times(consistency) . It is about using the right quantity of the right product with consistency and trusting the process. And because you’re still young and have a youthful skin, you honestly don’t need to do a lot to your skin. Just the basics will do the job!

Patience and consistency

Your skin takes an average of 6 months to heal. if you are consistent with your skin care routine you will definitely see results. But if you are in for a quick fix then sorry , you’ll be disappointed. Consistently following a skincare regimen will not only help you become disciplined in selfcare  but will also help reduce wrinkles, even out uneven skin tone, control acne breakouts, and enhance your  skin tone and texture. Consistency is a prolonged effort and  calls for a long-term commitment but is a game changer is skincare. Totally worth it! 

” Teenagers are the most misunderstood people on the earth , they’re treated like children and expected to act like adults “


Drink Water and Eat Healthy

Water specially lukewarm water works best on the skin. Using lukewarm water is good, for shower. It not only relaxes your body but is also gentle on the skin. Apart from that, You need to stay hydrated and healthy, make sure to consume at least six glasses of water per day. Water can do incredible things for your skin and your overall health in general , from assisting in the maintenance of your skin’s suppleness to minimizing wrinkles and fine lines.

drinking lukewarm water helps a lot in taking care of your skin as a teenager. healthy foods are a must for glowing skin for teenager

Drinking water will help your body get rid of pollutants and toxins, particularly dangerous ones that could affect your general health. Increasing your water consumption will help you remove the toxins from your body. This will not only help your skin glow but also prevent pimples and acne breakouts which are usually associated with these toxins.

Use a Good Moisturizer

Moisturizing everyday can help prevent extreme dryness or oiliness , keeping your skin well hydrated and supple .Using a moisturizer every day, can help conceal skin blemishes and spots. It slows down aging Signs, aid in Fighting Acne, and provides sun protection. Their primary benefit of moisturizer to the skin is that they seal it, keeping moisture and nutrients in while shielding it and protecting it from outside allergens. So as a teenager , it is the first thing you need to add in your skincare routine.

.Using a moisturizer every day, can help a lot with good skin for teenagers in 2023
#teenage skincare routine

Use a good sunscreen 

You are exposed to ultraviolet rays every day whether that’s from the sun, over exposure to Tv Screen and mobile phones etc. keeping you at greater risk of developing various skin problems, skin diseases and premature ageing. Like they say “Prevention is better than cure” and all of this could be prevented simply by wearing a sunscreen daily. It is one of the greatest and simplest ways to safeguard the health and beauty of your skin at any age specially in your beautiful teenage days. Whether you are a teenage boy or a girl , you need to get sunscreen on your bandwagon.

sunscreen is very crucial when taking care of your skin as a teenager. not just for kids but adults as well.

Use a Gentle Facewash

A face wash is frequently the first item teens and tweens include into their skincare routine to maintain skin clear and clean. The best , in fact ideal face washes for teens should be mild yet effective, and should address age-related skin issues including acne and greasy skin (dermatologist prescribed). However using a gentle facewash that is not too harsh on the skin is always a good idea and a safe option. .To cut it sure for teen skin , use a facewash that’s is both mild , gentle on the face retaining moisture in the skin.

 Quick Tip:  Avoid facewash with fragrances.

Use Organic Products on the skin 

Industrial, non-organic skin care products have so many hidden chemicals in them that you aren’t even aware of them .The easiest approach to prevent using dangerous skin care products is to switch to those that are manufactured from natural and organic components, as opposed to those that may include pesticide residues or man-made chemicals like sodium laurel, petrochemical derivatives, mineral oils, sulphate, and toxins. As your body tries to adapt to the ongoing exposure to these alien, dangerous compounds, these chemicals end up weakening and harming your skin. Therefore it is always advisable to go for organic and natural products over these.

organic products are the best for teens skincare routine. always go for organic products for teens specially in 2023

Always do Patch Test 

Although this is a general rule for all but for the teenagers , the newbies always do a patch test before trying any skincare product. Your skin can react differently to different products. Somethings that might work on your friend or someone you know won’t necessarily work on you. So do a patch test and see how your skin reacts to it. If you feel a slight irritation or redness immediately stop using the product and if need be visit your dermatologist.

Some Pro Tips

  • Do not follow all Skin Care Regimes
  • Avoid Over Exfoliation
  • Avoid Over Scrubbing 
  • Be Patient with menstrual acne
  • Don’t Put A lot of Makeup in your teen years
  • Avoid Sleeping with Makeup on 
  • Regularly Change Your Pillow Case and Bed Sheets 


Building a skincare routine, specially as a teenager when you don’t know much about your skin and are still discovering takes time. Don’t expect yourself to just flawlessly come up with a skin care routine that you’ll follow religiously. Building habits take at least 45 days , so learn , implement , repeat and trust the process. God willingly , you’ll reach there. On the way , you will make mistakes and learn from them so be patient and consistent with your skincare routine. Start with the basics and make your way up .

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