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You need a mascara that can do it all

How To Apply Mascara and Eyeliner For Beginners

Well, no two sets of eyelashes are exactly alike. Lashes can be long or short, curly or straight, full or sparse, much like the hair on your head. And Just like how you take care of eyebrows and hair by using different oils and shampoos , the same way you have to take care of your eyelashes and ace the perfect Mascara look. Here are some practical tips to help you achieve that. Your full mascara guide.

1. Use Castor Oil on Your Eyelashes Regularly

Castor Oil is vouched by many for growing and lengthening your eyelashes. Castor oil when used on a regular basis promotes eyelash growth and volume. It makes the eyelashes moist as well as hydrating them. So get an empty mascara and clean it properly. Then poor some caster oil in it and apply them on your eyelashes with a clean wand.

“If You Think There is no such thing as magic wand , You have never used a mascara. “

Closeup shot, stylist applies black mascara  on the eyelashes of the female eye. Woman making make up using black mascara. Professional makeup.  Making mua. how to apply mascara and eyeliner

2. Curl Your Eyelashes With an Eyelash Curler

You should always curl your lashes before applying mascara, not the other way around. Not only can working in the reverse sequence result in a dirty lash curler, but curling after mascara can actually split your lashes in the process since mascara stiffens your lashes.

A lot of people do not know this but finding a curler that will work well for you requires an understanding of your eye shape. Choose one that complements the shape of your eyes, and fits it well specially for people with almond or hooded eyes. Warming up your eyelash curler before curling your eyelashes give better results. And while curling your eyelashes make sure your eyelids are half open and curl them close to your eyeline for 15 seconds.

Keep Your lashes long and your standards high “

top view of false eyelashes and eyelash curler on pink background. curling your eyelashes for a voluminous look.

3. Put Vaseline Before Applying Mascara

Vaseline works well as a mascara primer. It separates the lash hair and facilitates a smooth removal of mascara. Before applying mascara, slide a clean mascara wand coated with Vaseline through your works just as a mascara primer and makes applying the mascara more smooth , dark and voluminous. Try it and you’ll see a huge difference.

“Life is short your lashes shouldn’t be “

Making makeup in a beauty salon. Applying black mascara to the eyelashes with a makeup brush. Close-up of a woman's eye. Lengthening of the eyelashes after lamination.. Applying vaseline helps grow eyelashes.

4. Put On Your Favorite Mascara

Now pick your favorite mascara and put it on your upper lashes first slowly taking your time and then apply it on your lower lash line . Do not put too much mascara and avoid smudging it. Also avoid blinking your eyelashes because you do not want to ruin your eye makeup.

“I won’t cry for you , my mascara is too expensive “

Beauty and makeup concept. Young girl holding mascara on pink background, close up. How to put on mascara full guide for you.

How To Chose The Perfect Mascara

1. It Should Be Volumizing

2. It Should Be Water Resistant

3. It Should not Dry the Eyelashes

How To Remove Mascara

Never use wet wipe on your eyelashes and always go for a cotton pad. Put some makeup remover on the cotton pad and wipe it downward in the direction of your lashes, not upward and against the direction of their growth. Do not rub, scrub or pull your eyelashes but gently wipe the mascara off with a cotton pad. Do not rush this step and take your time because your eyes are the most sensitive part of your face.

Quick Tip: A quick tip would be to apply a small amount of Vaseline on your eyelashes after using makeup remover on it to avoid any eye irritation or redness while keeping the eyes soft and hydrated.
Female using cotton ball to remove eye make-up. always use cotton pad for removing mascara


These were some of our tips on acing the perfect Mascara look. Which tip was new to you and which one will you surely be trying out. Also what is your go to or your favorite mascara brand, Let us know in the comments section.

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