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How To Apply Cream Blushes in 2023

Cream Blushes are a very popular option in the makeup industry these days. Unlike the powdered blushes ,cream blushes seem more trendy, pigmented and provides a rosy but radiant look. It gives your face a sheer luminous shine and makes your skin glow.

What is a blush ?

The cosmetic product blush, often known as blusher or rouge, is used on the cheeks and gives a little bit of color to your cheeks instantly making you look younger and more refreshed while aesthetically enhancing the features of your face. Blush is typically found in pink and red hues, but it can also be found in orange, brown (usually in the fall season) , and unusual hues like purple and blue which is typically used by makeup artists who love experimenting with different looks.

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“When women stops blushing, she has lost the most powerful weapon of charm.”

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 How to apply cream blushes in 2023
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Why is a blush used?

Blush is the life of makeup , it is the oxygen of makeup . Adding blush to your makeup routine whether that’s a daily makeup or a party one , it warms up your skin’s tone and imparts a healthy, natural glow. It accentuates your facial features, giving you a more vibrant appearance and makes you look more fuller and more feminine. With blush you look more awake and presentable and it gives your makeup a subtle finishing , both complementing and completing your makeup look.

The A blush not something new , in fact it is is a time-honored tradition and the very first cosmetic item that all ladies wore even centuries ago. Back in the days when there was no sign of cosmetic industries. From using rose petals as cheek pigments and to using lipsticks as a blush , it has come a long way.

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How to apply cream blushes in 2023
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What is a cream blush?

A cream blush is a type of blush that produces a flush that is more transparent and flattering to your natural skin tone. It has a silky texture. One of the best feature of cream blush is how readily its creamy and silky consistency spreads and blends into the skin. It gives the cheeks a subtle sheen look.

How to apply cream blushes in 2023
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Why is a cream blush preferred over a powder blush ?

For people who like a richer cheek color, liquid blush may be preferable than powder blush because it often has higher pigmentation and adds more color on application. The products is light weight and easily buildable. It gives a very natural look and does not look cakey. It has a dewy fashion and makes the skin glow and radiant. It is also perfect for people with dry skin because of its dewy finishing.

 Quick Tip ; For people with severely dry skin , always do a patch test before applying any product as it can cause irritation !
How to apply cream blushes in 2023
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Where is a blush applied?

Depending on different face cuts and facial features there are different techniques and different spots for applying a blush. The apples of the cheeks are typically the ideal blush on spot for most people, after which they blend out the blush upward towards the temple. some people likes to apply their blush close to their ears while some like to highlight their cheek bones only. So it’s totally upt o one’s personal preference. No hard or fast rules !

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How to Apply Cream Blushes

Like all other blushes there a different ways how you can apply a cream blush. For example with a clean blush on brush , a clean beauty blender , a sponge or even with your fingers ( Typically the index finger or the middle fingers) But unlike other blushes you’ll have to be a little careful when using cream blushes because one , these blushes are highly pigmented and secondly they blend really easily. No efforts involved. Because it readily blends its hard to get rid of excess product once the blush is applied. Undoing the blush gets a lot messier with cream blushes.

Quick Tip ; Blush is something you can always add more of, but if you apply too much, it is really difficult to take away.

To sum that up , take a small quantity of cream blush and apply it on your cheeks, depending on your facial features and personal preference. For example , the apple of your cheeks. Then quickly start to blend it in the area where you want the most pigment then blending it outward with the help of a beauty blender or the heat of your finger tip up towards the temple.

Cream Blush Chronicles


Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, a mom or a teenager .It’s never too late to join the cream blush boom . Regardless of the fact that I wholeheartedly support enjoying your natural beauty and embracing your true self, I still think a little blush won’t hurt. It not only makes you confident but also gives you a very rosy and feminine look. A blush has a feminine essence to it that no other beauty product can be a replacement for.

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