You are currently viewing 50 Uses Of Vaseline You Didn’t know About : Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly), Makeup, Skincare and Haircare – The Deadly Combo!

50 Uses Of Vaseline You Didn’t know About : Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly), Makeup, Skincare and Haircare – The Deadly Combo!

Vaseline is a miracle product when it comes to its use. It has several useful benefits, including those for body care, hair care, cosmetics, and skincare. So here are the amazing 50 uses of Vaseline that you need to know about.

Vaseline- Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline needs no introduction when it comes to its popularity. Vaseline is the brand name for petroleum jelly, however due of its enormous popularity, petroleum jelly is now referred to as Vaseline It was and still is a staple item in every household.

1. Vaseline For Dry Lips

This is one of the most common reasons for buying Vaseline. It is very easy to get rid of dry lips specially during the winter seasons. Vaseline not only hydrates the lips but because it is a petroleum jelly it helps lock moisture. A little product goes a long way. Vaseline also comes in mini bottles with different flavors specially for the lips.


2. Vaseline as a Lip Gloss

Another popular use of Vaseline is to use it as a lip balm or a lip gloss. It makes the lips shine and looks exactly like a gloss. So instead of wasting money on a glass you could use your Vaseline as a gloss. In fact if you put Vaseline on a matte lipstick it turns it into a colored or a tinted gloss.

Quick Tip: Use Vaseline on top of any Lipstick shade of your choice to turn it into a gloss.
Cropped shot of a beautiful woman’s glossy lips

3. Vaseline For Cracked Heels

Back in the days when Cracked Heels used to be a winter problem , now adays is a very common one specially among the women. Heels crack if the skin on the heel’s rim becomes dry and thick. It not only looks bad apparently but can also be painful sometimes. Vaseline act as an excellent overnight treatment for cracked heels. It hydrates the skin of the heels locking in moisture and hence helps your heels heal overnight.

4. Vaseline For Scars

Vaseline can also help heal scars by moisturizing the skin around the scars. It is specially best for dry scars and works wonders on the skin.

5. Vaseline For Unruly and Stubborn Eyebrows

Vaseline makes taming and working around eyebrows super easy. It conditions and softens the eyebrows and makes it easy to comb them specially if you are someone with thick hard eyebrows. So once you apply some Vaseline on your eyebrows, take an eyebrow Spoolie or a clean mascara wand and comb your eyebrow hair in the direction of the eye. It makes your eyebrows look neat and well defined.

6. Vaseline For Dry Cuticles

Dry cuticles can be very painful. Vaseline softens your cuticles and also makes it simple to cut them with a nail cutter when applied to the cuticles. It helps protect and restore your cuticles making your nails look healthy, hydrated and presentable.

7. Vaseline as a Makeup Remover

Like all other petroleum jellies, Vaseline dissolves practically any type of makeup easily and softly. Vaseline is also safe to use around the sensitive area of the skin specially around your eyes, in contrast to some makeup removers that usually causes irritation. It works particularly well to take off waterproof makeup products such as waterproof mascara and matte lipsticks.

8. Vaseline For Post-Waxing Care

Post waxing rash, burns and scars can sometimes be very hard to deal with. Not every product works well on areas that has been waxed. A thin layer of Vaseline can help soothe and heal the waxed area. Vaseline does not clog pores and hence prevents post waxing bumps.

9. Vaseline For Healing Razor Bumps

Just like post wax bumps it’s easy to get razor bumps. Razor bumps can be very painful and can also leave scars behind. Vaseline helps well with the razor bumps. In fact it helps get rid of ingrown hair and leaves the skin smooth and soft after it has been shaved.

10. Vaseline For Sore Feet

Applying Vaseline on the soul of the feet and massaging it can help reduce the friction and inflammation hence relieving sore feet.

11. Vaseline For Healing Shoe Bites

Vaseline does wonders in reducing friction. Its anti inflammatory and repair properties help heal shoe bites. When you apply some petroleum jelly to the affected region and gently rub it , it soothes the are and makes it soft. It also reduces the pain and helps the skin heal and eventually the shoe bite.

12. Vaseline For Post- Piercing Care

Post Piercing care is way important then piercing itself. Vaseline has antibacterial properties and helps prevent any irritation or inflammation in the area that has been pierced. It also speeds up the natural healing process of the skin.

13. Vaseline For Natural Glow

Vaseline has a shiny appearance , so when applied it gives a natural glow to the skin. Ladies take note , please !

Close up studio shot of a beautiful brunette woman with glowing skin. Holding hands near her face. Vaseline helps in natural glow on face . 50 uses of vaseline
Vaseline For Natural Glow

14. Vaseline as a Blush

Vaseline when mixed with a lipstick can act as a cream blush. It looks exactly like a cream blush with a subtle glow to it. This is one of my favorite use of Vaseline and you definitely need to try it out. No Jokes. Worth the Hype !

Quick Tip: Lipstick Shade + Vaseline = Cream Blush
Female hand holding opened blush powder and brush in interior. Top view, Close-up, make-up concept. Vaseline when mixed with blush gives a creamy blush. 50 uses of vaseline
Vaseline as a blush

15. Vaseline as a Lip Scrub

You can easily make a lip scrub of your choice with Vaseline. Take few drops of honey, sugar and Vaseline in a bowl and mix it. Then scrub your lips with this scrub like you normally do and voila you have got your DIY lip scrub. It not only gets rid of the dead skin but also hydrates your lips unlike other lip scrubs that leaves your lips dry.

Quick Tip : Lip Scrub = Honey + Sugar + Vaseline

16. Vaseline For Eyelashes Care

Who doesn’t like smooth, long , killer eye lashes. Vaseline helps moisturize your eyelashes keeping the dirt out of it. It also makes curling the eyelashes easy and can also help enhance your mascara. When you apply a coat of Vaseline before applying your Mascara ,it makes your eyelashes look volumized.


Vaseline For Eyelash

17. Vaseline For Healing Rashes

Because of its anti inflammatory properties, Vaseline helps in healing rashes.

18. Vaseline For Sleek Hair look

If you’re out of hair gel . Don’t worry – Vaseline to the rescue. You can definitely get a sleek hair look with Vaseline, It helps tame unruly , frizzy and baby hair , just like a hair gel. It also makes the hair look shiny and glossy.

Quick Tip: Do you want a sleek hair look, Use Vaseline! 

19. Vaseline For burns

Vaseline can help heal mild burns. But always do a patch test before applying it on.

20. Vaseline For Minor Cuts

Vaseline is very useful for treating minor cuts. It helps protect the cut from dirt and debris.

21. Vaseline For Ear Care

Vaseline is extremely useful for ear care. It helps lubricate the ear and prevents it from being damaged. Moreover Vaseline can also act as a barrier to water and helps prevent water from entering the ear, Not only that but putting Vaseline on the back of the ear can help reduce dryness.

Body parts in details - Closeup view of black female ear. vaseline for ear care. vaseline helps lubricate the ear. 50 uses of vaseline
Body parts in details – Closeup view of black female ear

22. Vaseline For Making Cream Products

Vaseline when added to matte products turn them into cream based products with a subtle glow. So whether that’s an eye shadow or a blush just add some Vaseline to it and you’ll have your very own cream based eyeshadow or cream blush. It is both long lasting and natural on the skin.

23. Vaseline For Applying Glitter Eyeshadows

If you have run out of eyeshadow glitter glue, don’t worry you can still apply glittery eyeshadows on your eyelids by using Vaseline on your Eye lid. It helps stick the glitter on your eyes.

Closeup of female eye with a green eyeshadow. vaseline is used for applying glittery eyeshadows.
Vaseline For Glittery Eyeshadow

24. Vaseline For Skin Hydration

Vaseline is the best product for keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized. You can apply it on any part of your body.

25. Vaseline For Diaper Rash

Diaper rashes are very common among babies, specially in newborns. Vaseline is non-comedogenic, soft on the skin specially suitable for sensitive skin. It helps treat baby rash by locking in moisture and keeping the baby’s skin dry.

Young adult mother hand applying white medical ointment on toddler leg. Red rash on skin from diaper. Care about baby body. Closeup. Front view. Isolated on light gray background.
Use of vaseline petroleum jelly for treating baby rash
Vaseline For Diaper Rash

26. Vaseline For Long Lasting Scents and Perfumes

Scents when applied to areas where Vaseline has been applied makes the Perfumes last long . So next time when you want to make your perfume last long put on some Vaseline before putting on perfume such as your neck or your wrist.

This is my favourite fragrance. Vaseline for long lasting scents
Vaseline For Long Lasting Scents

27. Vaseline For Nail Care

Not just your cuticles but Vaseline can also soften your nails and make them look all neat and clean. It not only hydrates the nails but also makes them shine.

nail care for women. vaseline for nail care
Vaseline For Nail Care

28. Vaseline For Dry Elbows

Vaseline works best on dry elbows and helps get rid of elbow dirt hence lightening your elbows.

29. Vaseline For Dry Knees

Just like your elbows , Vaseline work best on dry knees. It also helps in lightening your knees.

30. Vaseline For Removing Different Stains

Vaseline helps in the removal of different stains for example the removal of stains from shoes.

31. Vaseline For Unsticking a Zipper

Vaseline helps unstick stubborn zippers.

Vaseline For Unsticking Zipper. Vaseline is very useful.
Vaseline For Unsticking Zipper

32. Vaseline For Long Lasting Highlighter

You can use Vaseline directly as a highlighter due to its nice, glowy appearance. However highlighter when mixed with Vaseline lasts long on the skin.

33. Vaseline as a Scrub

Vaseline mixed with sea salt can be used as a body scrub. Unlike other body scrubs it’s very gentle on the skin.

34. Vaseline in Easing Off Stuck On Rings

Vaseline easily helps in easing off stuck on rings. Just put a small amount of Vaseline all over your finger. it helps the ring slide off your finger easily.

Elderly woman try to remove stuck ring off a swollen finger by using vaseline
Vaseline For Rings

35. Vaseline For Cleaning Leather Products

Vaseline works best on Leather products. If you have somehow stained your leather products such as your leather pants or a leather jacket. Just apply a small amount of Vaseline on the stain and wipe off with a cotton pad. It helps get rid of the stain without ruining the product.

36. Vaseline For Scalp

Vaseline helps treat dry scalp. It helps reduce flakiness, itchiness and scaling.

37. Vaseline For Removing False Eyelash Glue

Eyelash glue is usually stuck on the false eyelashes after you take them off. In order to use them again make sure you take off the eyelash glue from your false lashes. A quick tip would be to apply Vaseline on the false eyelash lash line right after you take your false eyelashes off.

False eyelashes, Make-up, Professional occupation, Human hand, Glue, Apply vaseline to get rid of extra glue
Vaseline For Removing Eyelash Glue

38. Vaseline For Smooth Feet Overnight

Vaseline when put over feet with socks on helps repair and moisturize the feet

39. Vaseline For keeping Lipstick Off Of teeth

Vaseline when applied on teeth helps keeping off lipstick off of teeth.

40. Vaseline For Sliding in Ear Rings

If you are someone who struggles with putting ear rings on and feels the whole process very painful because of how the ear rings don’t get through the hole easily, just put on some Vaseline and it’ll help you slide those ear rings easily.

mature woman adult ear and wrinkles unretouched and no make up Macro photo of part of face . Vaseline helps in sliding ear rings without pain
Vaseline For Sliding Ear Rings

41. Vaseline as a Night Cream

Vaseline can also be used as a night cream.

42. Vaseline For Shiny Nail Polish

Vaseline when used over nail paints makes the nail paint shine and look new.

female hands with pink nail design. Pink nail polish manicure. Woman hands hold orange flowers. Vaseline helps the nails shine
Vaseline For Nails

43. Vaseline as a Conditioner For Scalp

Vaseline helps condition the scalp by combating flakiness.

44. Vaseline For Split Ends

Vaseline helps tame frizzy hair, so when applied on split ends make the hair look smooth and shiny.

What else can I use for my damaged hair? Vaseline for split ends and damaged hair
Vaseline For Split ends

45. Vaseline For Dry Spots

Vaseline can be used for all sort of dry spots all over the face and body. A good example would be using them on the dry mouth corners.

46. Vaseline as an Undereye Eye Cream

Vaseline can be used as an under eye cream. It is very gentle on the eyes.

Cropped shot of a young caucasian woman touching a skin of her face while applying the cream for black eyes. Bruises under the eyes are caused by fatigue, nervousness, lack of sleep, insomnia, stress. vaseline for eye care
Vaseline For Eyecare

47. Vaseline For Nails Hydration

Vaseline helps keep the nails hydrated.

48. Vaseline For Anti Lice Hair Care

Vaseline when applied on scalp helps suffocate the lice and is useful for anti hair lice treatment. The dead lice are then removed from the hair with the help of an anti lice comb.

Mum grooming her son of parasitic head lice with a nit comb, Vaseline for anti lice treatment
Vaseline For Anti Lice Treatment

49. Vaseline For Post Surgical Care

Vaseline is also used for post surgical care. It keeps wounds protected from dirt and bacteria.

50. Vaseline For Post Tattoo Care

Just like a post care treatment for waxing and razor , Vaseline is also used as a post tattoo care treatment.


Vaseline, indeed is a miracle product. These were some of the uses of Vaseline. Let us know which one was new to you and which ones do you swear by.

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