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13 Iconic Eyeliner Styles for Big Eyes

From flaunting your eyes to winging it out here are our 13 iconic eyeliner styles for big eyes that you need to try in 2023.

What is an eyeliner ?

The Eyeliner is a makeup product that is used around the rim of the eyes  to accentuate or enlarge them. Eye liner can be applied to the water lines of the eyes as well as above or below the lower lashes, or even both. Although its main function is to make the lashes appear full, it also attracts attention to the eye and helps complete the makeup look.

You can use to accentuate the appearance of your eyes’ natural color and shape as it adds color to the area around the eyes making them stand out and attractive. Wearing an eyeliner makes a whole lot difference. It makes you look awake and put together.

How To apply an eyeliner?

There are several ways to apply eyeliner, depending on the different styles and the kind of eyeliner you’re using. The conventional method is to shake the product when using a liquid eyeliner with a brush or tip  to fully absorb the liquid eyeliner so that you get a well colored and pigmented liner. Begin at the outer lash line and sweep the liquid eyeliner up the top lash line in short, continuous strokes until you reach the inner corner of your eye.

If you’re using a pencil liner follow your natural lash line , make short strokes connecting the lines until you get your desired look. A liquid eyeliner is usually more pigmented then the pencil liner therefore when using a pencil liner go over the same liner one more time to make it more pigmented as the color fades away easily.

What is a Liquid or gel Eyeliner?

A Gel eyeliner has a matte base, is easy to apply since it has the right creamy consistency and is very pigmented while a a liquid liner’s formulation is typically more watery with a glossy base. The gel eyeliner being long-lasting, non-smudging and buildable is applied precisely and is more user friendly then a liquid eyeliner which is more watery and messier. However the liquid eyeliner is easier to remove then a gel eyeliner.

What is a pencil eyeliner?

An eyeliner pencil is just like a normal eyeliner used to line the eyes  making them look more fuller and attractive. Color pencils are similar to eyeliner pencils and there are many different kinds of eyeliner pencils available in the market , they are sharpen able wooden or plastic pencils and can come in various colors like black  brown and neon, The traditional one being the black eyeliner pencil

Does eyeliner ever go out of style?

An eyeliner is just like a statement piece. It takes all the attention. To say that the eyeliner will go out of style in the near future would be a blatant lie. Eyeliners have been a part of the beauty industry since ancient time. It has had the taste of time and is here to stay. From the simple thin liner to the wing it just cannot go unnoticed.

The Classis Eyeliner

The classic eyeliner is basically the everyday eyeliner that practically everyone wears on special occasions in addition to every day use.  This style is not only  simple to maintain but also easy to carry. The classic eyeliner should be your go-to if you find it difficult to apply an eyeliner or are too scared of trying eyeliner on your face. This style is neither too subtle nor too bold. a perfect match for any situation.

classic eye liner

The Winged Eyeliner

The winged eyeliner is one of the most misunderstood eyeliner when it comes to its application. A lot of people dread its application and there’s a lot of fluff on the internet about acing the perfect winged eyeliner. n simple words you just need to follow your lash line as a stencil and then draw the liner along your lash line when applying it. Then use brief strokes to create a wing, join the lines, and here you have got a flawless wing liner. Now just toss it off with a thick layer of mascara and you are good to go.

winged eyeliner

The Double Flick Eyeliner

The double flick eyeliner is almost similar to a winged eyeliner with the only difference be that it has two strokes in the wing area. A thick one on the upper lash line and a thin one on the lower lash line both flicked out.

Quick Tip : There are special double wing eyeliners that you can buy online. They come with two tips a thick one and a thin one for the perfect double flick wing eyeliner strokes. They're not only handy but also very easy to use.

double flick eyeliner

The Soft Smoke Eyeliner

The soft smokey smudge eyeliner look is the party hot favorite. Its warm , edgy and hot. It has such a feminine feel to it. If you are someone who love eye makeup you need to try this style out. it makes your eyes really attractive plus its very easy to achieve this look and the final results seem very mind boggling and will actually look like you put a lot of time creating and perfecting this eye look when you actually didn’t. It not only goes well with warm toned colors but even dark colors. To achieve this look just need to keep a light hand and try layering up building up product and perfecting the look.

soft smokey eye liner

The Neon Flick Eyeliner

With a neon eyeliner you will stick out in a crowd unlike anybody else. This is the one eyeliner look that is easily identifiable from a distance. The neon hue offers you a really cool, fashionable, and colorful appearance that makes you look chic and edgy. Your eyes end up stealing the show and the spotlight. It’s edgy, funky and very cool. Not your everyday look but definitely a very strong eye look ,worth the try.

neon flick eyeliner look

The Arabic Eyeliner

Arabs are well known for having expressive eyes. When it comes to eyes, they have always came in first. Arabic eyeliner is widely used not only in the Middle East but also among Indians, and it is slowly making its way to the West. Even though this eye look is relatively old, it nevertheless has its allure. Additionally, it is the ideal eyeliner look for hooded eyes. You will adore it since it will make you feel like Princess Jasmine. 

Quick Tip: Wearing false lashes with this eyeliner takes the look to a whole new level.

arab eyeliner

The Thin Line Eyeliner

If you have a horrible history with eyeliners or are simply uncomfortable wearing anything on your eyes, you should give this look a shot. It is a beginner-friendly everyday eye makeup that is simple to carry and apply. It’s basic yet contemporary. Very simple and modern. You better take the plunge and try this look out.

thin line eyeliner

The Faded Wing Eyeliner

The key to perfecting this particular eye look is to ace the eyeshadow gradient .The secret to pulling off this look is using eyeshadows that are intensely pigmented, flawless blending, and a steady touch .Even though this particular look is mainly geared for Pro beginners, you should learn how to rock this hot eye style. It requires a lot of effort but, if mastered, will elevate your makeup game to a whole new level. It’s excellent for weddings and parties.

The faded wing eyeliner

The Subtle Liquid Eyeliner

Like the name suggests , its very subtle on the eye focusing your eye color for all the good reasons. Particularly on people with hazel or green eyes, this looks fantastic. It causes eye communication.

When in Doubt , Wing it Out!


subtle liquid liner

The Foxy Eye Eyeliner Style

This is one of the most trendiest eyeliner out there. This eyeliner looks really bold on the eyes and is both quirky and sharp and performs best on its own, without the use of eyeshadow .This is best for hooded or semi hooded eyes

Quick Tip : This is best applied with the eyes open

Fox eye liner

The Reverse Smokey Eyeliner

The reverse smokey eye is just like the smokey eye with the only difference that its is on the lower lash line than the upper one. It’s like creating the same look on the other side. This is also very easy to pull.

reverse smokey eyeliner

The Brown Smudge Eyeliner

Unlike the standard black eyeliner , the brown smudge eyeliner looks good on certain people. It particularly looks more appealing on the light colored eyes individuals. It gives a lot of depth and dimension to your eyes. It makes the eyes look very flirtatious.

brown smudge eyeliner

The Cat Eye-liner

This eyeliner needs no introduction. From models and celebrities to beauty influencers this is a red carpet favorite, adored by all. Like they say , when in doubt , go for a cat eye- liner.

cat eye liner style


Applying an eyeliner is a skill and just like any other skill it requires a lot of practice and patience and a steady hand of course , These were our 13 iconic eyeliner styles for big eyes (hooded eyes as well) and a round of applause for all the amazing beauty influencers for such detailed and in depth video tutorials on these epic eyeliner styles. Make sure you visit their channel , leave a comment and subscribe to them ( Not Sponsored) . Let us know what eyeliner style was your favorite and what are you looking for next on our blog.

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