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10 Tips To Protect Your Skin Naturally in 2023

It has become almost impossible to protect our skin organically due to persistent pollution, widespread radiation use, and the use of pharmaceutical medications. With the unexpected growth in a number of skin-related disorders and poor skin days, it has become clear that safeguarding your skin that too naturally has become nearly impossible in this age. Here are our 10 tips to protect your skin naturally in 2023.

What is a good skin?

Well there’s no proper definition of a good skin. It is highly subjective. However , generally speaking a good skin is hydrated and moisturized and feels supple to the touch,. It is well balanced feels neither dry nor overly greasy but smooth and soft. Has a consistent or one tone color regardless of your complexion. It makes you glow and radiant.

 “Stop wishing you had great skin and get it.”
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avoid going out during peak hours
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Prevention is Better than Cure

This age old saying if put to use can save you from a lot of damage and do wonders to you. It is easier to prevent something from happening then curing it. Putting this rule to practice, It’s easier to stop a plate from falling then collecting all the broken pieces together trying to reshape the plate. There will always be a loophole , no matter what. Therefore it’s better to prevent your skin from the harmful UV rays, bad weather , cheap beauty products hence protecting it in the long run then looking for solutions for solving your skin problems.

Excess Of Everything is bad

Like all other aspects of life, anything when done in excess is bad. Wearing too much makeup, taking more then the normally required quantity of skin care products , over cleansing your skin these are all red flags for the skin. Wearing a thick layer of makeup can clog your pores which can also lead to acne breakouts and other skin problems. In fact there has been a lot of research going on associating certain chemicals and ingredients used in makeup products to various health diseases , a popular among which is cancer. And Because a lot of people wear makeup daily , it makes the vast majority prone to health issues. Therefore always take a break from makeup and let your skin breath.

Stop Using Cheap Makeup Products

Whether you like it or not, please stop using cheap makeup products. Remember a product that adds value is never cheap. There’s a clear difference between ‘cheap’ and ‘affordable’. Cheap makeup products can ruin your skin for life. You might be saving a few bucks momentarily but you’ll be spending more money on getting back your normal skin. All the 2$ Foundation businesses are nothing but a gimmick.

“Your makeup game will never be a 10 if your skincare game is only a two.”


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Avoid the sun during the hottest part of the day or the peak hour

Well you can’t control the timings of the sun but you can definitely control yours. The peak hours always vary depending on which part of the world you’re living in so there’s no set range but a general rule of thumb would be to avoid going out in the sun between 10am to 12pm and 2 pm to 4pm. It’s always advisable to stay indoor during these hours because this is the time when the UV rays are at their greatest.

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10 Tips To Protect Your Skin Naturally in 2023

Seek Shade

One of the best methods to shield ourselves from the sun’s dangerous ultraviolet (UV) radiation and lower our chance of developing skin cancer is to find shade whether that’s in the form of a tree, a cap or an umbrella. Even a bandana could be of help.

Quick Tip : Carrying an umbrella along , always comes in handy 

Wear Protective Clothing

I was very skeptical when I first found out that by wearing the right kin of clothes in hot areas can help you seek protection from the sun. Sounded like a gimmick to me. With some science involved, a quick tip is that dark colors offer more protection from the sun than light colors. The reason behind is that dark colored clothes absorb the UV rays coming from the sun and blocks them from penetrating your skin.

Use of Hat and Sunglasses

Wearing a hat that covers your face, ears, and back of your neck will give you the most protection specially from the harmful rays of the skin. In fact for all the fashion lovers , hats not only protects your skin but also adds to your style and fashion sense. They can also be used as statement pieces in fashion . From baseball caps to boater hats they make you look chic and stylish along with protecting your skin as a bonus. Sunglasses are also a very nice option in this regard.

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how to protect your skin naturally 
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Always Take Of Your Makeup Before Going To Bed

If you’re not taking anything else from this blog post at least take this one. This is one golden rule can be a life saver. Always take your makeup off before going to bed. When you sleep with makeup on , you are impeding your skin’s natural renewal and repairing process. As you sleep, the cell regeneration process lubricates hair follicles and allows oil to flow to the skin’s surface. But with makeup on the oil is trapped , resulting in clogged pores and outbreaks. In fact it is one of the most common cause of acne breakouts.

“Siri, remove my makeup.”


Avoid Studio Lights

This tip is specially for the people who work in the creative online industry. If you are a makeup artist , youtuber , a photographer , videographer or a beauty influencer watch out. Apart from eye stain and headaches , long term exposure to these lights can badly effect your skin. So make sure you avoid unnecessary use of studio lights in your day to day life.


Like I always say , your skin is your most valuable asset therefore nourish it , love it and protect it. Above all OWN it. It’s true that your skin does not remain the same , it ages so accept this reality , accept that it would not always be the same. There will be good days and bad days. So worry not and take care of it. Give your skin attention and most importantly time. Instead of focusing on short term goals have long term goals. With that I would leave you with my last note skin heals and healing takes time .

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